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Whether you’re looking for help matching with a therapist or booking a session or you're interested in collaborating with us, please complete the confidential form below and we'll be with you shortly. You can also explore our most-asked questions below.

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Connect with your insurance provider and ensure that you are covered to speak with an “MSW, RSW” on our team. Each therapist and session type may have a difference in price. When in doubt, reach out to an individual therapist for a complimentary meet and greet to discuss cost and a budget that fits for you or connect with us over email.

How much does online therapy cost?

Schedule a complimentary meet and greet with a therapist you feel connected with to discuss your individual situation.

I don't live in ontario. can I still book a session?

You get to decide. Maybe you started therapy to discuss specific concerns and they were addressed in a few sessions or maybe you wish to have a lifelong therapist for consistent support. Some of us get therapy on and off throughout our lives. Either way, it's up to you.

how long will i need therapy?

Discomfort with your therapist can happen. Sometimes your personalities may not work well together, you don't connect with the therapeutic method that's being used, or maybe your discomfort is felt due to the topics you're addressing. Whatever it is, trust and safety between you and your therapist is the key to successful therapy and it's an option to discuss your discomfort with your therapist. Do not continue therapy if it is not working. You CAN fire your therapist. Before you do, make sure you have another therapist for continued support. This is also something that your therapist can help you with.

What if I'm not comfortable with my therapist or how things are going?

Humans of all kinds. It’s so important that you see yourself represented in our online psychotherapy team, that all parts of you feel seen and connected in and by our team. We engage in consistent education and reflective conversations around anti-racism, cultural sensitivity, and trans and gender-affirming awareness and practices. These social constructs influence and impact us as humans. They will not go unnoticed and will not be dismissed.

who do you work with?

Feeling fear is a totally normal human experience and natural response to thinking about starting therapy. If a meet and greet is moving too fast for you, move at the pace that feels right to you and email us at

I feel way too scared to just book a meet and greet... what are my options?

You'll meet your therapist over a phone call or video call and together you will explore what’s happening for you, what you’re struggling with, what’s working for you, and what’s not. Every first session is different and the therapist will move at your pace. You are in the driver's seat. 

What happens during a "meet & Greet?"

Schedule a free 15-minute call with one or several of our online therapists to choose one that you feel comfortable(ish) with. Starting therapy can be scary. We don't expect you to immediately feel safe sharing the parts of yourself you’ve been afraid all your life for someone to see. Our goal is that over time, you'll build a foundation that allows you to do meaningful work together.

How do i find the right therapist?

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We accept our complacencies as settler Canadians in further colonial ways of being, feeling and thinking. At ReLearning Human, we engage in anti-oppressive frameworks that focus on continued awareness, community building and anti-colonial practice. We view your health holistically and work to support you and ourselves in finding meaning and connection through culturally affirming practices. 

We acknowledge the continued Impact of colonialism on Indigenous peoples and settler Canadians in Ontario, Canada and beyond. 

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