At ReLearning Human, we provide online therapy to support you through the challenging and painful experiences of life while cultivating a deeper understanding of what it means to be human — and what it looks like to be human for YOU. 

The world has complicated what it means to be human. It's time to ReLearn who we are and how we're wired.

You’ve tried therapy before. You didn't connect with the therapist. You felt judged or misunderstood.

You believe you’re not good enough or worthy of love and never will be.

You can’t stop focusing on the things you think haven’t done right, replaying them over & over.

You hide behind a facade so that other people think you’ve got it together.

You've achieved so much and still you wonder if you'll ever truly be happy.

Rather than approaching your feelings with compassion and curiosity, you judge yourself, try to escape what you're feeling, and seek someone who can “fix” you.

Is this you?

We are highly trained online therapy professionals but YOU are the expert of your own life, not us. You teach us about you and we listen and help you find a bit of peace in all the noise.

listening to the expert

We’ll teach you how to calm the fight or flight response that keeps you in a chronic state of stress. When you perceive a threat you can’t respond with clarity.

finding calm

Work with a therapist who can hold space for ALL of your feelings without trying to change them, brush off what you're going through, or give you a one-size-fits-all fix.

human connection

Find a sense of safety in your skin with body-based techniques. This helps you stay grounded so that you can tolerate and understand what you’re feeling.

grounding techniques

We're dedicated to finding what works for you, including...

what to expect when we work together

We know that to make meaningful change, we have to focus on both what’s happening in your mind and what’s happening in your body.

Through the development of body awareness and healthy coping tools, you CAN cultivate a sense of safety in a constantly changing world. Let's face it, life is full of challenges and it’s our job to help you manage whatever may come. 

While we are trained professionals, we aren’t the experts in your life – YOU are. We are here to help you cultivate compassion and curiosity as you discover the healing that’s waiting for you in the places you’ve been afraid to look. 

At ReLearning Human, we do things differently.

Our  team of online therapists in Ontario has been curated with individuals who are like you, human. We don’t have this whole life thing completely figured out and won’t pretend that we do. But we’re committed to doing the beautifully messy work that’s required to fully embrace the human experience. When you join us on this journey, we won't judge you for being who you are. 

Starting therapy can be scary. We don't expect you to immediately feel safe sharing the parts of yourself you’ve been afraid all your life for someone to see. It takes time to cultivate trust. But if you show up, we will too – fully.

It’s our hope that eventually you will come to see that we’re with you on each step you decide to take. Because we too are committed to relearning what it means to be human. 

Humans first. Therapists second.

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ReLearning Human is and will remain, a safe place for our clinicians to practice and our clients to work through the challenges presented by our modern society.